See Buoy



See Buoy. See Profit. See Clean Seas.

See Buoy has been developed to prevent the loss of fishing equipment, known as ‘ghost gear’. Using wave technology See Buoy emits a high frequency light to ensure fishing equipment is visible at sea. Integrated into fishermen’s working environment, See Buoy ensures protection of costly equipment and marine life, ending the cruel cycle of ghost gear polluting our oceans. 

Witnessing the fishing industry first hand opened my eyes to the need for design intervention to protect our seas. 

Under the sea, an environment we never see is a world we destroy 

daily. Scotland’s seafood industry is critical to our economy, as is our 

environment. However, the industry is inadvertently polluting and 

destroying our ocean through discarded and lost fishing equipment, 

referred to as ghost gear. The heart of the issue lies above sea level. Buoys lack visibility. Large fishing vessels and passenger ferries 

collide with buoys detaching equipment. As a result, plastic equipment is abandoned. Catch in creels become bait and creates a vicious cycle of trapping and killing. 


see buoy in greater detail

View an overview of the motivation, research and design process behind See Buoy.

View the products final deliverables as well as its development process through sketchbooks.

View a detailed infographic and parts description of how See Buoy protects our seas against ghost gear.


"I believe that taking a human centred approach to research is key to understanding the people I am designing for. I continually strive to ensure I use various research methods in order to contextually 
understand the sector I am designing for from various perspectives."


During the development of See Buoy I maintained a weekly blog to monitor development and directional change. Follow my journey through my blog from my honours year studying a BSc in Product Design at DJCAD, Dundee.