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15/ Progress Check

Updated: May 6, 2020

Found it difficult to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas break, but my thoughts have entered my sketchbook (seen below) which best describes my sporadic thought process! After model making wave energy concepts - discovering how my concept would be possible in a attachment to the buoy - I have retreated again!

I feel like I need to work to my strengths so I can enjoy the project! So I have began to look at the possibility of using a reflective attachment to the buoy... The concept of a harness that is detatchable to buoys can be seen below.

After the feedback from Chris and Andrew last week my project has focused on collecting the necessary research to move my project forward. Chris suggested that this be calculations to discover how much energy is necessary to power the light on the buoy. But to do this I quickly realised that I need to know the specifications of what I want the product to achieve in greater detail.

My questions still remaining are:

- How strong/big would the light need to be?

- From what distance would you want to see the buoy from?

- Would the size/height of the buoy influence its visibility?

- Are water users happy to manoeuvre to avoid buoys or d they simply not care?

- Do certain water users (eg. ferries) have to stick to a fixed path?

To discover this I need to really get in contact with those often operating in the sea! Luckily within a conversation with my mum expressing this, she announced she knew of a customer who previously worked for Calmac ferries! BINGO.

In the past few days I have got this contact and managed to get in touch with Richard to arrange a chat over the phone and cover some questions I have drawn up, which will hopefully clarify my direction.

But for now, I am going to keep it simple and (hopefully) effective and mock up my idea of a reflective harness for buoys in preparation for our Mark 1 presentations on the 24th Feb - ew!

As of right now I am sadly not feeling confident for the day - but hopefully after the phone call from Richard my thoughts will get flowing and I can discover if my current concept designs would be of success or not!

Hopefully in my next blog post you will see some models of a harness for a buoy and some analysis from my chat with Richard!

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