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20/ Function and form!

Updated: Mar 16

Set back to the concept of wave energy to power a light within the buoy after supportive comments from both ferry captain and navigation officer I have been prototyping and sketching how the buoy will look and work! This is required within my design concept to show the technology behind the product.

I will be trying to represent this best within my final concept model, creating a look and feel prototype of a well resolved concept. Below I have been prototyping some ideas on how I may display the final buoy. Currently my ideas consist of section view models displaying interior components including generator, wiring, lighting and battery to store generated electricity.

Other considerations on how to illustrate my final concept are shown below through illustrations using layering and tracing paper to show the buoys elements.

Yesterday I mocked up a quick prototype of a central column within the buoy, to support a magnet. This would allow the buoy to move freely up and down against the. column with the movement of the waves, thus generating kinetic energy through movement or the magnet against the copper wire located inside the buoy.

The vide below demonstrates a test of this design:

From this step forward I will be developing the form of the buoy further and making further developed prototypes of the internal components. Specifically I will be focusing on a different style of generator that allows 360 degree movement of the magnet against copper wire.


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