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24/ Design Storytelling!

DJCAD is now closed and I am working from home the forceable future! For me that meant travelling home to Helensburgh on the West coast of Scotland to be with family and my dog, with the countryside on my doorstep! (Perfect for filming water scenes and contacting some fishermen too perhaps!!)

Check out my mini studio set up below:

A previously established with Fraser in tutorials, I have decided to try and present the concept and narrative as best as possible. With a focus now on illustrating the story and narrative as bet as possible, with less focus on well resolved prototypes, the situation isn't a complete disaster!

Frasers greatest piece of advice, followed up by Andrew and Chris, is be CREATIVE. So that's what I'm trying my very best to do in difficult times!

Influenced by Andrews presentation last week on 'design storytelling', strong storytelling will be at the heart of my outcome. Highlighting the reasons why I am developing this product, covering what environmental benefits it gives, touching upon pollution and animal welfare. It will also highlight financial benefits for the first person (fishermen) and second person (ferries and other water users).

Some examples of storyboarding that have inspire me. I rather like graphic/cartoon styled story boards as I feel they are bold and clear. I also admire the. single use of colour within the storyboard seen below to highlight a specific item. This could be used well to highlight the interaction of the buoy amongst the fishermen using a 'key colour'

Andrews presentation also got me thinking about how to best represent my final product, that perhaps may not be quit finished or well resolved due to the circumstances for my great image. Examples he used are shown to the left.

The image featuring the phone and highlighting connectivity I feel could relate well to my product. I feel like I could adopt a similar approach, with a focus on a buoy in the water with other connected buoys out of focus n the background. This would well represent the product in its environment but also show the connectedness of list buoys at sea.

The second image to the left I think Isi great! I love the subtle touches of environment that are shown through the beer coaster and rough bar table. With limited access to fishermen, fishing boats and travel due to the solution period we are in, I feel like I could take the same approach and perhaps use the beach and some rope to highlight an environment. On the other hand this is however a wee resolved prototype which I do not have, so I may experiment by using photoshop and CAD models.


What have I been up to?

Currently I have been focusing on storyboarding! I previously developed this storyboard seen below, focusing on the character Mario, for GURUS day to illustrate the issues within the fishing industry and losing equipment. Overall it worked pretty well and was extremely helpful for those who aren't as familiar with the niche topic I have focused on!

This is something that is important for the storyboard too communicate. I would aim to keep it simple and 'jargain free' to allow everyone to see the issue and my solution clearly!

I have began to develop some characterisation of people that will feature within my storyboard! Some illustration artists I have been inspired by are linked below:

This illustration is extremely relatable currently and cheered me right up!

I admire her bold use of colour and 'un-precious' nature of her drawing.



I loved this sketch as it told so much in one image... something that I feb like I am going to have to do with describing my motivation and narrative behind my project.



My work:

Below you can see some of my first developments of characterisation. I specifically liked the key features shown in the first image of storyboarding influence and feel like I will carry this on through my development. Some key features may include: the buoy, the fishing boat, waterproof clothing, hat, boots and crabs/prawns.

From paper to digital!

I have lifted these sketches from paper to digital drawings. Which took a much grater amount of time than anticipated! Current digital characters can be seen below:

Sharing this post on instagram, I was chuffed to get some positive feedback, so decided to use it as a tool to develop my work!

Creating an image, a little bolder, with the addition of font and some crabs!

Choosing a range of preferred fonts and numbering them, I shared the post, advising people to comment their favourite font! Not something I would email to ask my supervisor on, but nice to get a little bit of feedback from the public using social media!

Preferred fonts were 5 and 3!

My next steps are to add some texture to my illustrations to bring them off the 2D page, (similar to my inspiration shown previously)! I have experimented with making new brushes etc, but it is a challenge and something I need to have a good play about with!

From there on I will be developing the base story of my storyboards, whether that be purchasing the product, setting up the product or seeing it in action... or a combination of the lot!

Keep an eye out on the good old instagram for daily updates!



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