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This week has been full of drawing and illustrating, which I have actually loved, even if my eyes hurt from staring at my screen all day! Here are some of my illustrations if you didn't see the previous blog post.

From the stage of developing characters, I began to explore layout and fonts! Using Instagram as a platform to gain feedback, I used the first image to gain opinions on fonts. This led to the second and third image, and now I have a tile and subtitle font that I will use throughout the storyboards!

Moving forward with the development of my story boards:

Initially I tried to paint the picture and discover what story I was actually wanting to tell. I have also considered what style of storyboard I want to present. Whether it be blocky with colour (similar to above), or a more sketchy style! (See my thoughts on paper below):

Aiming to focus on the function of the buoy and the benefits it provides, I drew up a more detailed plan. I aim to get a good balance of how it would work in the specific environment, how it technically works and thereafter what benefits it provides to the environment and water users!

As seen above, I am considering mapping out a story board that shows 2 alternate directions in narrative. One which showcases a day for fishermen, using regular buoys and the issues they face and the other showing the same narrative, however with the addition of my product. I feel that this will tell the story well through a contrast in results from a direct comparison. It will also weave in my research from first semester well, in particular my research trip on a commercial fishing boat.

Now for a bit more colour!!

I have been developing my characters for the storyboard, getting the right positioning etc and expressions correct for each scene! Developing the character I wanted to run with throughout, I have adapted this little guy:

My aim is to create a persona with more detail on the character, with the

storyboard to follow.

As I am telling the story of a day at sea for fishermen, it seemed only right to use the research day I had to my advantage. Especially in the current situation a I will no longer have unlimited access to the outdoors!

Attempt 1: Layering block colour onto of image to add bit of characterisation and fun to the storyboard. Doing this I felt I lost bait of the characterisation I had worked on, as proportions were correct, when my style of illustrating had purposely led away from that. However I do think using the images to sketch from and set the scene work well!

Attempt 2: Layering colour onto the images again, however having a strong focus on tracing the image to create a loose and sketchy style and reducing the image opacity to 20/30%! Scroll below to see the adaptations of this illustration. Currently I prefer image 2 as it adds an element of depth to the drawing with the image opacity reduced.

* Not all scenes of the storyboard will work as nicely as this as I do not have images for every exact scene.* However I think I will try where possible to use images from the research trip, adding a bit more 'realness' to the storyboard!!

In the next post you should see some further development of the storyboard. Keep your eyes peeled!


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