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Updated: May 3

This week my focus has been on developing the final model of the buoy on Fushion for the final presentation of the design solution... and marking...eeeks! The big deadline (14th May) is fast approaching, 31 days and counting! So I am really putting my foot down and stepping up my pace of work, no doddling from now on!

For the presentation/branding of my final CAD model, I have taken inspiration from a product called Clever Buoy. (This product was made using sensors and used to alert the presence of sharks in shallow water, alerting lifeguards if so.)

I particularly like the style of boards they have used to present the final outcome and workings of the product. It visually provides more information than just an image which s nice and I feel this style of presentation would benefit the technical nature of my product outcome.

I have noted some things I have taken from their presentation which I want to carry forward in the final communication of my product.

- Infographic style of boards, describing step by step function. I plan to use this descriptive graphic style of presentation to illustrate how the buoy works.

- Graphic style of environment against a simple diagram of the product works well. The narrow colour palette allows the yellow features to pop which I particularly like. This also allows white lines for added detail to stand out which I like!

- Graphic also doesn't stray too far from there logo which I like as ties the branding together nicely!

Yesterday I decided to try and start this process with my models, however with a more physical approach and taking a break from isolation and staring at my computer screen!

Whilst I was at it, (making a fool of myself on the beach), I decided why not get out on the water and get some footage for a *potential* video communicating my final design. So I dusted off the kayak from the garage and took it down to the water, along with my goPro and prototype.

On further assessment I didn't take the prototype out as the weight I had would most likely sink it and I couldn't measure the depth of the water. Mucking about with prototypes, goPros whilst paddling would have just been a recipe for disaster!

Currently I am swaying between how I want to present my final outcome, either video or story board. My brain is on overdrive! So I felt it was best to capture some footage on a nice day just incase I may use it. But using what was out there, I got some nice footage of buoys bobbing about in the water, which could potentially form the background of a video with a voice over from interviewees and myself, supporting the product outcome.

Soon you should be seeing some finished CAD models that are currently close to completion, along with supporting sketches and annotations. From there on I will be making some graphics/environment placing!


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