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Updated: May 11

The CAD model of See Buoy is complete and have been working on illustrating its internal components through an exploded view!

Below is the exploded view of the final model with listed parts:

I created various visual views of the exploded view (seen below) but concluded that this version (seen above) illustrated the components in relation to the placement within the buoy the clearest.

I also decided to create an orthographic drawing to show relevant sizing and fittings of the components through hidden detail and a section view. I specifically wanted to create this drawing of the buoy as the buoy is a rather technical product and therefore some of its audience may prefer to see more detail.

Orthographic Drawing:

Below is a section of renders I have taken of the final buoy. Whilst I have included some various angles of the external buoy, I have also tried to include several more detailed shots of the internal parts of the buoy. This will assist with 'How it works' board and also the storyboard!

Overall I am pleased with the quality I got from creating a CAD model of SeeBuoy. Under the current circumstances it made it extremely difficult for me to prototype and make a final model of the product due to limited materials/equipment and especially due to the organic shape of the buoy. See Buoys exterior is not what 'makes' the product, it is what it produces and what it does - its components. Therefore creating a CAD model of these internal components, reflected the detailed technical components better than I could have achieved through physical modelling.

My next steps from here on is to use the CAD model within 'How it works' boards to advance on the description I currently have with more visuals.


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