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3/ A case study that caught my eye

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Beginning looking into the issues surrounding disregarded fishing gear, my mind was fixed upon a solution to retrieve these materials, however this article caught my eye. This project entailed using locally sourced materials to bring economic growth back into a small community. It got me to question my intentions, and if perhaps I could take a similar approach, in repurposing lost fishing materials?

This project was based upon Bere Island, off the coast of Country Cork in Southern Ireland. The islands population is currently under 200, however back in 1841, it reached over 2,000. Today jobs are focused around fishing, muscle gathering and agriculture. This project, by Phoebe Quare, focuses on developing a new material, consisting of ground down mussel shells, to produce products; including lamps, locally significant to the island and may assist in boosting the economy within Bere.

'This project aims to utilise local waste materials to create products rotes to local culture traditions and practices, and in turn, provide new employment opportunities.'

'Beyond the Mainland' by Phoebe Quare. Published in Material Connections. (pg 134-137)

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