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35/ A summary of SEE BUOY 300 words

Updated: May 11

300 Word Statement:

Witnessing the fishing industry from a young age, living in the west coast of Scotland opened my eyes to the need for design intervention. Under the sea, an environment we never see is a world we destroy daily.

Scotland’s seafood industry is critical to our economy, as is our environment. However, the industry is inadvertently polluting and destroying our ocean through discarded and lost fishing equipment, referred to as ghost gear. The heart of the issue lies above sea level. Buoys lack visibility. Large fishing vessels and passenger ferries collide with buoys detaching equipment. As a result, plastic equipment is abandoned. Catch in creels become bait, creating a vicious cycle of trapping and killing.

See Buoy was developed off the Sound of Jura as I joined the crew of a commercial fishing vessel. I witnessed a snapshot of the lifestyle commercial fishermen face, rising at 3am to fish our seas in the dark. Witnessing the destruction first-hand drove me to create a product that protects marine life and livelihoods.

See Buoy harnesses the power of the ocean - using the fundamentals of wave technology - to power a high frequency flashing light ensuring equipment is visible at sea. The affordable, self-sufficient buoy provides time for passers-by to navigate around See Buoy. Integrated into fishermen’s working environment, See Buoy ensures protection of costly equipment and ends the cruel cycle of ghost gear polluting our oceans.

See Buoy. See Profit. See Clean Seas.


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