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6/ Day at the beach, or field research?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Yesterday I ventured to Tenstmuir Forest and beach, for a nice day out with my partner, Nathan. We walked a loop, through the forest and down onto the beach where we saw seals and plenty of nature! It didn't take long before I was walking along side the tidal line and spotted some nylon fishing rope. I couldn't leave it after seeing it, so picked it up and took it home. Before I knew it, my hands and arms were full of rope and fishing equipment; including a larger rope dragged back to the car by Nathan. Thank you!!

Within the period of 30 mins we had collected a large amount of waste and I am still questioning, why? Why that beach? What makes that beach receive a lot of ocean waste?Why was my previous search at St.Andrews beach void of any fishing equipment? Is it due to the strong tide and rips surrounding Tenstmuir beach? How far had it travelled before it reached the shore? How old was the material?

I brought the disregard equipment back into the studio to wash and analyse what we had collected, looking at what type of items they were and perhaps research manufacturers and materials.

Beside stinking out the studio with old fishing equipment, it was really interesting to analyse the items and I think it may provide some interesting insights for my project. The most interesting pieces of equipment were the net with plastic ring as it had an inscription reading 'Industrial Moulders Ltd. Kittoch, East Killbride, Scotland'. My nexts step is to perhaps trace the company down and see what they use to make the rings, as it looks like various moulds plastics. Also the rubber ring was interesting, as I believe this is a band from a lobster pot barrel (to attach bait to).

Even if the found equipment and research into manufacturers doesn't lead to incredible insights it has fuelled me with motivation again. After seeing such a large quantity of waste not far from home, I am determined to create a solution that will limit this pollution.

Come back to my blog next week to discover where this investigation takes me!

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