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Updated: May 2

After completing the final model of See Buoy on CAD, I have incorporated the renders taken into an image to create an environment shot of the buoy in action.

My current plan is for this to feature as my Hero image fo the project. I believe that the image reflects the products environment and function well, with the combination of line used to highlight the light produced by the buoy.

Below are some iterations of the Hero image.

Initially I created this image (seen on left), however it lacked depth and the buoys placement didn't look overly realistic. I made some adaptations such as adding a reflection, changing the angled of the buoy and photoshopping the buoy behind a wave to add depth.

Have I have also created some other variations of branding, layering colour, blurring and reducing the image opacity which I may use for the cover of the booklet and within the website. Inspiration can be seen in branding blog post (29).

My aim of the following images was to emphasise the brand with the hero image. Overall I feel that this communicates the product brand well and brings together the logo and the product nicely. After this was created I felt that the image would benefit from the buoy being moved slightly to the left to allow the logo some breathing space. I also thought that bringing another buoy into the background of the image would highlight function further and imply a connection between the two on the string of creels on the seabed. (Although I will highlight this function more in my 'How it works' board)

There are slight differences in the text and the 'light' circle below:

I also masked the logo in white onto the image which an addition of a dark blue background. This was a little happy accident as I was experimenting with trying to get the waves onto the sea element of the logo. But in actual fact using the clipping mask on illustrator gave a nice effect to the logo. Below are a few iterations of the logo on various sections of the image I created to choose from.

I applied this same effect to the potential Hero image, with the addition of another buoy in the background to highlight the connection of using two SeeBuoys on static fishing equipment. (One at each end).

Overall I am happy with the quality of the hero image and prefer the format of the last image shown above with 2 buoys. I haven't currently decided if the logo over the top of the image will feature in the final hero image, but if not it will be used as a nice iteration across branding and the website.

Next steps for just now are to create the 'How it works' board to describe the buoy visually in its environment and not just rely on 300 words. I feel that this is necessary for my product as it is rather functional and a niche topic that not everyone will understand! This should allow people to visualise the solution better with a view of the creels attached to the buoy.


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