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10/ Taking a step back to see clearer

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Discussing my progress on the project with Andrew Cook last week made me take a step back and consider if my project was taking the direction I wanted it to and if it reflected my style as a designer. The short answer was, no. I am not an engineer, nor am I Einstein and I do not have five years to complete the project.

Last weeks design concept can be seen below:

Last week I was focused on developing a solution to locating and retrieving lost creels from the sea, that had been a result of gear conflict between fishermen. It was quickly getting very technical, very complicated and I was getting bogged down with the details of the concept and how I could possible make it work! Although realising this now and looking at the bigger picture is really important and I am glad it has happened now rather than 5 weeks down the line!

Taking a step backwards, I have began to think how the issues surrounding lost fishing gear could be prevented, as opposed to solved.

Beginning the venture into a different direction I have gone back to the drawing board to asses the root cause of lost fishing gear. The first element of lost gear within the ocean begins with the device used to mark the creels, a buoy. Bringing it back to basics, although now with a wide range of knowledge, I am looking at what I could do as a designer to prevent gear conflict or ghost gear in the first instance.

This really is ideal timing with Gurus day approaching to broaden my mindset. Gurus Day for those who may not know, involves aprox 20 individuals from industry to engage in a conversation about your project, spark thought and bring further ideas and insights to projects. I am really excited for a chance to get outside feedback for my project and hopefully push it in an exciting direction! My presentation boards for the day to communicate my idea can be seen below:

Here is a closer look at the storyboard illustrated on the investigation board which demonstrates the current issue fishermen face.

The persona within the story board is Mario, a 27 year skipper and prawn fishermen who I have regularly been in contact with over the course of this project so far. I have arranged to go out fishing with Mario next Tuesday morning, with an early start, setting off at 4am until 4.30pm on Friday. This experience on the boat is going to be vital to my project development and I am actually really excited to see and be part of a more commercial fishing experience. I aim to bring in a large element of co-design into the project and continuously ask questions, rather than presenting my current investigation to them.

Without diving too deep into a 'solution' based idea, and take more of a design approach my focus for the next week is to generate ideas to creating a prevention method to ghost gear in the ocean in the first place.

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