Bakers timing assistant

As a bakers, personal timing assistant, ‘EVA’ has been designed for a small independent bakery, ‘The Ginger Bread Man’ situated in Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute. The speaker designed for the busy bakery, prodom- inatly allows bakers to input timers through their small bluetooth tim- ers in the kitchen, connected to the smart speaker ‘EVA’ in the front of the bake house. EVA will remind you of your bake times through its voice activated speaker technology, sharing the bakers excitment of fresh bread and sweet goods with the front of house staff and customers, by announcing reminders . “The Sourdough will be ready in ten minuets”.

Voice activated techology allows staff, bakers and customers to interact and speak with the smart speaker, posing questions such as “when will the next batch of white loafs be ready?”.

Designing for the bakery, allowed me to develop my research for the speaker design in great detail and gain great insights through watching the bakers work in thier enviroment. The final design was presented to the bakery.