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The Glenlivet - Live Brief

Working on a live brief, presented by The Chivas Brothers, I chose to design a packaging concept for The Glenlivet. 

Our sense of smell is one of our greatest senses, giving us the ability to taste... without tasting. Retaining the warm aroma of the whisky, recycled Whisky Barrels feature as an interactive opening to the packaging. Allowing you to lift the original Bung of the whisky barrel, and depict the flavours and scents within the whisky, before tasting and purchasing.

The interaction is achieved thorough a container attached to the barrel lid, holding shavings from the wood, enhancing the flavour. This is communicated through the resin ring, featuring shavings from the whisky barrel, set in epoxy resin, providing an indication of the packagings contents. 

The concept also wanted to allow customer to connect with the

production and craft of whisky. The packaging is environmental considerate through reusing the barrels, generally disposed of after their third distill. 


'The Glenlivet XXV, wrapped in it’s own barrel. Challenging your 
senses and testing your tastebuds.'

Kim Burke