GIDE 2019


GIDE 2019


Design students from across the world, such as, China, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, were just some of whom participated in the group design sprint.

Aiming to broaden the V&As community engagement and outreach, we created ‘Picture Dundee'. Encouraging interaction with local communities with regard to the communication of the various exciting exhibitions, workshops and experiences the museum has to offer. Creating a series of interactive walls located in various locations across Dundee, we aimed to frame discussions on design, allowing the community of Dundee to become a designer in their own right.

The opening 'banner' exhibition for GIDE, was a display of projects from across the various countries. My recent project ‘Future Mobility’ featured in the exhibition and was awarded a prize, representing Dundee.


We explored the theme of Mobile Museum. The three day international design sprint challenged us to create a service design for the V&A Dundee. 

The walls aim to bring communities together using the museums theme of ‘design’ as a catalyst. Creative workshops run by V&A Dundee within the communities will support them in designing personalised panels for the wall. Communities are then able to submit their designs in a bid to win a featured space on the wall within their relevant location. In turn, the wall also aims to frame various locations around the city, highlighting other areas of Dundee that are often overlooked; such as areas out-with the city centre that perhaps aren’t as connected to the new waterfront development.